DCCURE PEMF: A Focused Method for Cellular Regeneration

DCCURE PEMF: A Focused Method for Cellular Regeneration

DCCURE PEMF: A Focused Method for Cellular Regeneration

PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair by using electromagnetic fields rather than permanent magnets. It accomplishes this by creating a pulsed magnetic field by passing energy via a coil. Deeply ingrained in tissues, this field generates a minuscule electrical current that modifies cellular chemistry and facilitates healing. The late Zvi Kamil, a co-founder of Aerotel, spent ten years researching and developing the DCCURE PEMF line of products. In addition to being a skilled nuclear physicist, Mr. Kamil headed Israel's Nuclear Safety Committee.  

PEMF generates a field that penetrates all targeted tissues, in contrast to static magnets whose fields are only partially able to penetrate, or electrical stimulation devices that only target certain channels. This all-encompassing strategy encourages a more extensive healing response. This current is efficiently delivered throughout the treatment area by PEMF devices such as the DCCURE® Portable. 

Technology Supported by Science for Safe and Effective Treatment

PEMF therapy's clearly established mechanism of action is backed by a wealth of studies. This technology is best demonstrated by the FDA-approved and widely regarded DCCURE as most effective palm sized pemf device. 

The electromagnetic field produced by the device causes the body to produce Nitric Oxide, which is an essential molecule in the healing process. Specifically, the field makes it easier for Calcium to bind to the protein called Calmodulin (CaM), which is also involved in other biological processes that may be beneficial to the body's anti-inflammatory response.

When a tiny electrical stimulation reaches the interior cellular milieu, it triggers the critical Calcium-CaM interaction that starts the healing cascade. The unique frequency and burst width ratio of the Dccure® Portable maximise this cascade without overpowering the tissues with energy. This is why it is so effective. 

The Therapeutic Pad, also known as the small/mini PEMF Mat, that comes with the Dccure PEMF unit may enhance feelings of wellbeing and maybe lessen depressive and melancholy symptoms. This may be because it affects the brain pathways that control mood and may assist in correcting neurotransmitter imbalances. The area that hurts can be simply treated with this multifunctional pad. Pain from muscular pulls, strains, tears, stress, spasms, overuse, repetitive motion injuries, bad posture, extended sitting, and weak core muscles can all be relieved with its unique design. 

Some people with lower back pain may benefit from using a PEMF device made especially for back pain, while others may need to see a doctor. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are delivered by DCCURE® PEMF device, which some studies indicate may aid in pain management. 

To find out the reason behind your back pain and make sure a PEMF device is right for you, it's crucial to speak with a doctor. A prescription is not needed in order to purchase a DCcure unit. 

Certain causes of lower back pain necessitate medical assistance. Others might only need the assistance of the appropriate PEMF equipment that is specifically made to lessen back pain. You need look no farther than DCCURE® if you're searching for the latter. Our FDA-class 1 registered device was also given approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health (AMAR) to relieve back discomfort. It can be used when resting, walking, working out, or at the workplace.


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