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lower back pain relief for athletes


When your pain gets in the way of your performance.

Professional, semi-professional, collegiate, and amateur “weekend warrior” athletes who experience muscular aches and pains brought on by the conditions of their sports.

low back pain in office workers

Office Workers

When your pain affects your performance.

If you work in an office, from your home or are a “road warrior”, prolonged sitting may be causing your lower back pain. You want and need long-lasting relief to get the most out of life.

DCcure portable pemf device for office job back pain

Business Owners

When your pain is so bad you miss work.

You are your own boss, work hard at what you do and know that physical labor can take its toll. If your aches and pains persist, you might miss work and may not be paid for days off.

aging and lower back pain

Baby boomers

When getting hooked on pain meds is not an option.

Lower back pain should not prevent you from enjoying the activities you love. While you may feel “young at heart”, your body is aging and along with that may come lower back pain.

DCcure for back pain relief

Active retirees

When your pain gets in the way of your active lifestyle.

Unlike prior generations, you’ve remained active but may fear that your aches and pains may slow you down and prevent you from enjoying the social activities you love.

lower back pain for veterans


When other pain treatments seem not to work.

If you are an American veteran or are still on active duty, you may be experiencing lower back pain brought on by your years of service.

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If you know anything about professional athletes, you know that it is certain we come alone with pain and soreness most days. Being six feet tall left me with a hurt back almost 100% of the time. DCcure has completely changed that for me! Whether it be right after a hard sparring practice, after I get folded in half during grappling or even just on my hour car drive home, I am never without it. My entire family uses this so, it is not just for the athletes.

Megan Goodwin | Professional Fighter with Invicta FC

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